Mc donaldization the dehumanization of workers essay

McDonaldization - Bringing Benefits or Disadvantages?

Whenever a customer is satisfied with the service they will place the ping-pong ball that was given by the staff while he or she is buying their food was to be placed in the happy side. This sounds more like an industrial machine then true health care.

Irrationality of Rationality[ edit ] Ritzer also outlines Irrationality of Rationality as a fifth aspect of McDonaldization. After he assesses the need of a patient, the doctor then visits another one while a nurse brings in another patient into the empty room.

Bringing Benefits or Disadvantages? He also discovers that there were impacts in the American Society. While the efficiency in the aspect of the different spheres of society being imposed by McDonaldization can be advantageous to man kind, I think the McWorld is being taken into to many levels by most institutions that we are revolving around today.

Rationalization is a sociological term that simply means the substitution of logically consistent rules for traditional or illogical rules. Organizations want consumers to believe that they are getting a large amount of product for not a lot of money.

Each person and organization is tasked to maintain a level of highly repetitive, highly routined, and predictable tasks. Slater [8] argues that the class size, layout and pedagogy in Peru closely resemble that of America, with clear examples of Western culture focused on efficiency of transfer of knowledge in other parts of the world.

It would be much simpler to make a referral by phone. In all it is true that the health care system is one social institution that does successfully meet all of Ritzer's requirements for a McDonaldized institution. When you need to go to the hospital you must call ahead and make an appointment with the receptionist.

One of the fundamental aspects of McDonaldization is that almost any task can and should be rationalized. These days it the cultural display amongst younger people of different races and religions can barely be seen as the youth is now packaged in to one technological generation where in culture can only be displayed by one standardized McMTV generation where the genre has been set by pioneers of the entertainment industry.

The process of McDonaldization takes a task and breaks it down into smaller tasks. McDonaldization - Bringing Benefits or Disadvantages? By looking at such things as blood type, doctors must determine who would be the most suitable match.


This is an example of the most ultimate control; who lives and who must continue hoping. This allows the doctor to only have to get involved if the person actually has Mc donaldization the dehumanization of workers essay they deem worth their time. We return to the pharmacy for another aspect of heath care where efficiency is made paramount.

Quantification is easily seen when you first step into a hospital waiting room and a huge sign tells you a number before you are even able to speak to anyone.

Quantification is easily observed when you arrive in a hospital waiting room and a big sign gives you a number before you are able to make any type of human contact. All other methods are then deemed inefficient and discarded.

For instance, Hung reports that, "A favourable image can lead to customer loyalty, while unfavourable image may lead to customer switch behaviour, brand image is even more important in service companies, where there is a lack of differentiation for customer to assess"p.

Before you pay you have to show your other insurance card, which is once again reducing you to a series of numbers. Some pharmacies can have prescriptions delivered to your home, much like a machine would.

Melville argues that the capitalists exploit their workers for cheap labor. It is also reflected in the performance of the workers in those said organizations.

Another irrationality is how you must take up a doctor's time to get a referral for a specialist for such things as physiotherapy. Just complete our simple order form and you could have your customised Coursework work in your email box, in as little as 3 hours.

Each person reduced to a number series, just like you. The iron cage is how the patients of these stressed doctors feel from these doctors' ignorance and neglect. While in the arena of healthcare it has been also noticeable how house doctors has been irretrievably replaced by a much more streamlined, effective, all-encompassing, but, alas, also a much more impersonal system of health care.

Control - The substitution of more predictable non-human labor for human labor, either through automation or the deskilling of the work force.

They are simply being referred to by how well they work for him, based on their usefulness and productivity. By now, you might be thinking that this all sounds pretty good.

In efficiency he described the optimal method for accomplishing a task. Efficiency in McDonaldization means that every aspect of the organization is geared toward the minimization of time.

Hospitals are also very time efficient. This shows that McDonalds is getting good response from the public, which encourages people to apply the same concept.McDonaldization: The Dehumanization of Workers McDonaldization is becoming the new wave of job types where workers are being deskilled, dehumanized and exploited.

By utilizing Weber’s classic work on rationalization and the iron cage of bureaucracy () Ritzer applies and extends it to present day experiences of production and consumption. It is probably reasonable to say that the McDonaldization of society has standardized the consumer experience.

But with his overly pessimistic analysis, Ritzer fails to offer any insight into the deeper social and cultural reasons and. The concept of “McDonaldization” has benefited the American Culture by increasing the availability of products and services and improves workers productivity.

However, it has negative impacts on health, local culture and workers’ social life as well as morale/5(1). McDonaldization Essay Phillips Meredith Jordan Research Writing April 6, McDonaldization of Online Dating McDonald’s is one of the most recognizable companies in the world, they have served billions and have restaurants in nearly every country in the world.

Workers are seen as machines, who must abide to the capitalist system of production, regardless of their working conditions or work tasks. Any refusal to obey these norms of production is looked upon unfavorably and can even lead to the dismissal of the worker from his/her workplace.

Principles of McDonaldization George Ritzer’s book The McDonaldization of Society is based on his theory and social criticism on rationalization of society as a whole through the growth and principles of McDonald’s fast-food model of business.

The book begins with an introduction chapter that describes the background of McDonalds and outlines the different chapters of the book.

Mc donaldization the dehumanization of workers essay
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