Juries in the english legal system essay

At least, it is freedom to them; because, although it may be theoretically imperfect, it, nevertheless, corresponds to their highest notions of freedom. The jury is sometimes asked to do the impossible, such as when a defendant in a murder trial pleads insanity it is down to the jury to make the final decision.

Evaluating the jury in the English legal system - Essay Example

A note on states Much like the main subdivisions of the U. The king could make laws at any time, and such ones as he pleased. Those who believe in abolishing the jury suppose that judges should make the judgement of whether the persons in question should be convicted or acquitted.

Having said this however, juries have no business in changing the law; they are breaking the rule of law and going against the will of the democratically elected legislature. A legal and fiscal adviser conseil juridique et fiscal is similar to a British solicitor and can provide legal advice and assistance on commercial, civil and criminal matters, as well as on tax, social security, labour law and similar matters.

The right of revolution, which tyrants, in mockery, accord to mankind, is no legal right under a government; it is only a natural right to overturn a government.

Judicial precedent

The anti jury lobby deems the jury system unpopular the importance of which is considered only overrated. But this is not all. Such codes distinguish between different categories of law: This involves the introduction of scientific evidence from both, the defense and the prosecution.

There is nothing about Edition: A subsequent collective letter by the jurors and the redirection of the jury by the judge did not dispel that doubt that the jury had been racially prejudiced. It is today considered to be a fundamental part of the English Legal system, however only a minority of cases are tried by a jury.

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The right, therefore, can be exercised with impunity, only when it is exercised victoriously. Asking 12 individuals with no medical background to decipher complex theories so fast is bound to cause problems. Giving lay people a chance to understand the law.

Major Differences Between the US and UK Legal Systems

Neither is it of any avail to say, that, if the government abuse its power, and enact unjust and oppressive laws, the government may be changed by the influence of discussion, and the exercise of the right of suffrage.Brief overview on The Mauritian Legal System Essay Sample.

1. Historical background The Mauritian legal system is a unique hybrid system with French Substantive law (for Offences) English Law (Procedure Evidence Language) English judges with English law background will be interpreting our laws which invariably include French laws.

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This essay compares the strengths and weaknesses of the jury system. It further evaluates the need of a jury and weighs contrasting arguments. It is a Year 12 Legal Studies essay.

Legal System

Training - no training is given to the jury so may not be able to deal with certain cases or situations. Legal advisor - too much pressure put on the legal advisor.

What are the pros and cons of a jury system?

The jury may not be making the decision themselves making the process unfair to the defendant. Essay on Juries in NSW - Juries in NSW The jury system plays a very important part in the running of the courts. The jury system is needed in both criminal and civil cases.

There are advantages of the jury system as well as disadvantages.

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However, the jury system is still very important to the justice system. • Jury in Criminal Law Courts decides if defendant if guilty or not, Judge find for him appropriate to crime sentence. • Sentence is the final act of punishment in criminal law if defendant is found guilty.

Juries in the english legal system essay
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