God and philosophy

Some traditions also believe that God is the entity which is currently answering prayers for intervention or information or opinions. But if God did not exist, objective moral values and duties would not exist.

Within The Meno, Plato, through the voice of Socrates, lays out an argument for the existence of an eternal, all-knowing soul that resides within each human body. They were primarily interested in the study of metaphysics.

Aquinas argued that there cannot be two gods because neither would be absolutely perfect since one would have a quality that the other lacked Summa Theologica Ia, 11, 3.

He accepted both reason and revelation as sources of knowledge of God. To Plato, it was the basis of his metaphysical and epistemological philosophy.

Existence of God

If we cannot reduce talk about God to anything else, or replace it, or prove it false, then perhaps God is as real as anything else. God has no parts or real distinctions. But it can also take the form of a quest for the ultimate good. But if tomorrow I choose to do y, then today God knows that tomorrow I will do y.

Concepts of God

Thus Dvaita is one of the few Hindu schools with something like a doctrine of eternal damnation. This being is God. However Kierkegaard did not think that it was rational to believe in God, rather one should have faith in God even if this seems to reason to be absurd.

Hoffman, Joshua and Gary S.

Concepts of God

Two- one to bemoan the darkness until the other redefines something else as light. Unlike the Milesians, Pythagoras is believed to have traveled many of the Aegean islands as well as the Attica mainland before finally creating his religious sect in modern-day Crotone, Italy.

What God knows is what I will freely choose to do. He rejected Hegel's optimistic belief in the ultimate victory of rationality, and in contrast to Leibniz, he held that this is the worst of all possible worlds.

If we cannot reduce talk about God to anything else, or replace it, or prove it false, then perhaps God is as real as anything else.

Does God Exist?

The Brahman must therefore be all there is. It cannot be a maximally perfect person, therefore, and so cannot be God. The arbitrariness may be somewhat relieved if God's will is understood as bounded by his unchanging character. Narrowing down to an infinite being, the only thing that can explain the motion is an infinite being meaning God which is neither a body nor a force in the body.

The view that God is an absolutely perfect being can also lead to the conclusion that he cannot change: For Aquinas, this requires an analogical as opposed to an equivocal relationship between divine and human goodness. How could you prove that you are not a brain in a vat of chemicals being stimulated with electrodes by some mad scientist to believe that you are reading this article?

God is thus unaffected by the world in any way. There must have been a transcendent cause which brought the universe into being — a cause outside the universe itself. The concept of the saguna Brahman is a useful tool for those who are still on their spiritual journey but is finally cast aside by the fully enlightened.

He is beyond time and change, not the Ancient of Days but the Eternal One. Many classical western theists have also thought that God is timeless—altogether outside of time. Furthermore, religion legitimates the status quo. More important for our purposes, however, is the fact that the God of the most theologically interesting process philosopher is thought to be maximally perfect.

As his creation, it reflects his mind. Rushd argues that the Earth's weather patterns are conditioned to support human life; thus, if the planet is so finely-tuned to maintain life, then it suggests a fine tuner - God.

The theologian Robert Flint explains:The existence of God is a subject of debate in the philosophy of religion and popular culture. [1] A wide variety of arguments for and against the existence of God can be categorized as metaphysical, logical, empirical, or subjective.

Learn how to ask and answer big questions. Pursue a verified certificate to have your work graded and commented upon by professional philosophers. Philosophy of Religion - By Branch / Doctrine - The Basics. Learn how to ask and answer big questions.

Existence of God

Pursue a verified certificate to have your work graded and commented upon by professional philosophers. Philosophy and the proof of God's existence. One of the most far-reaching consequences of the rationalism of the Enlightenment was the undermining of basic Christian faith.

Western Concepts of God. () agreed with Descartes that clear and distinct ideas indeed reflect reality, but he thought that philosophy must start with God, not the self. This is because God is first in the order of things.

God's primacy is also the reason Spinoza rejected Bacon's method of beginning with observation.

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God and philosophy
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